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25 Makeup mistakes I’ve learnt in 25 years

I have seen a lot of posts recently that are 17 things I’ve learnt in 17 years or however many facts that correspond with that persons age. Well as much as I live for these posts I thought I’d share something similar but not quite the same.

25 makeup mistakes I’ve come to learn of in my 25 years on this planet. Most of these are something that I’ve experienced first hand but some are a few I’ve just noticed in the last few years.


Lets get started,

1. It is NEVER okay to have foundation lips. Use it as a base if you have no primer before your lippy, otherwise use a lip scrub and take it off.

2. If you have a pale off white complexion, avoid wearing dark lipsticks as these wash out your face even more so.

3. We’ve all gone mad for the contour but please remember to blend. Too many girls walk around with stripes across their faces. It’s more side burns than cheek bones.

4. Keeping to the non blending error – smoked eyes. Blend for your life or risk resembling a panda.

5. Fake tan is great. Unless it’s raining, which is most of the time here in Wales. Avoid fake tan if you can!

6. Being tanned is great, being orange is not. A big tip from myself  here – don’t use spray bronzer ment for your face for your entire body!!

7. Mascara is a necessity but ten layers is probably taking the p**s. Most people (including guys) are afraid of spiders. Let’s not give them a heart attack!!

8. Blend your foundation down your neck or risk looking like a walking face-in-hole meme.

9. Natural lighting is extremely important when applying the base!!

10. A little blush goes a long way. Unless you want people to think your constantly embarrassed?

11. The wizard of oz was a great film. We know this. The tin man however should not be used as a role model. Highlight don’t blind.

12. Spend time finding foundation more suited for your skin or risk having patchy dry, caked skin. Want some face with that cake? Blurghhh!!

13. Most of us know the phrase “eyebrows should be like sisters not twins” but let’s at least make them look as if they’re related!

14. Black eyebrows are a big fat no! Even people with black hair avoid this!

15. Don’t waste your hard earned cash on eye shadows from China. As great as a bargain it sounds when you find all those eye shadows on eBay, you’ll get more pigment from a brick wall.

16. Less is more! Especially when it comes to eyeshadow. We all love smoked eyes and lots of colour. But looking like a contestant for the next RuPaul drag race is not flattering.

17. Makeup does not last forever. Believe it or not make up has a use by date so keep this in mind.

18. Wash your make up off at the end of the day. If you have bad skin, leaving makeup on is only going to make things worse for you.

19. Whilst we’re talking about cleanliness, clean your brushes. Make up applications will be a dream. Plus, there’s no point washing your face just to add dirt again. It’s a no brainier.

20. Colour correcting pallets are fab. They deminish redness which for me is great. However, only apply what is needed otherwise green will show under your foundation. Unless you want to look like you’ve escaped from Area 51.

21. Accept the fact that some days are a no eyeliner day. Not because you might sweat it off or because it’s raining but because they will not match for all the money in the world. These days are usually called Monday’s.

22. If problem 21 occurs and eyeliner is a necessity to complete your look, I suggest you invest in eyeliner tape.

23. Prep and prime! This will make your make up stay on a lot longer and look more flawless.

24. If your thinking if wearing lipstick on your travels/ nights out. Always remember to take that lippy in question with you, along with a compact mirror. It’s scary how easy lipstick transfers to your pearly whites. Keep an eye on them!!

25. Hairspray is not a make up setting spray. It might freeze your expressions but it will not freeze your make up in place. Sorry.

That’s all from me folks. If you enjoyed this content, please follow my blog. If you can relate to any of the above, let me know in the comments.

Lots of Love

Natalie xx



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