Mini me Mini Haul | Next Sale!

Natalie Charmaine


SALE? What do you think when yousee asale?

I don’t know about you, but when I see those four letters, perfectly arranged,my brain explodes. As I rush to see what’s what, my heart races to my mouth. I imagine all those lovely clothes in my grasp. I have to get in there quick in case all the good stuff vanish. I can’t be having that.

When I’m in the sale, I argue with myself through out my visit. “Do I really need that?,” or “Is this really worth a purchase?” but the ultimate question which I ask myself is, “should I put this back?” why is that the ultimate question I ask myself? Well, because if I put that piece of clothing/ item back I know matter of factually that I will instantly regret it and I’d have lost the battle between all those other bargain hunters.

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