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Mini me Mini Haul | Next Sale!


SALE? What do you think when you see a sale?

I don’t know about you, but when I see those four letters, perfectly arranged, my brain explodes. As I rush to see what’s what, my heart races to my mouth. I imagine all those lovely clothes in my grasp. I have to get in there quick in case all the good stuff vanish. I can’t be having that.

When I’m in the sale, I argue with myself through out my visit. “Do I really need that?,” or “Is this really worth a purchase?” but the ultimate question which I ask myself is, “should I put this back?” why is that the ultimate question I ask myself? Well, because if I put that piece of clothing/ item back I know matter of factually that I will instantly regret it and I’d have lost the battle between all those other bargain hunters.

Instead, I’ll carry all of my finds, even the ones I’m ‘erming and arghing’ over, up until 2 minutes before queue time. It takes a lot of work to decide what I should get, but I get through the struggle.

Which is exactly what happened at my local Next sale in Swansea, Wales. Big fat sale sign. I’m sold.

Here’s What I bought,


In all honesty. This wasn’t the best next sale I’ve ever been too. I was only one day late for the sale and there couldn’t have been more than 200 items of girls clothing in the sale range. 50 of those being baby. 20 of those being for my daughters age range. Only a few good enough to splurge on.

Four short sleeved body suits were a necessity, as the winter weather is fast approaching. Cerys needs to have her under armour to keep her all nice and snug. Two Cardigans, well again a necessity for the changing weather. A cute dress, because all babies should be dressed like the prince/ princess that they truly are. A cute little T-shirt for those days when mammy can not be bothered to try hard. A pair of Autumn inspired leggings because well why the hell not. PLUS, Four pairs of shoes. these are different sizes, 3, 4 and 5 to be exact.

The reason for purchasing different sized shoes is simple really. None of these shoes actually fit my daughter at the moment, her shoe size is around size One. There were size one shoes in the next sale but as she grows so quickly, I hate to put closed toe shoes on her fast growing tootsies. When her precious little feet are big enough to fit into a size 3 they’ll be a bit stronger and hopefully she would have slowed growing as quickly (Hopefully.) Although, I know deep down that’s never going to happen and so because of her rapid growth, it’s always practical to be prepared.

The quality of Next clothes are second to none. Even when there is no sale, I seem to find myself swarming to the entrance doors to take a peek at their latest collection. I can’t wait until Cerys gets to wear her first pair of sparkly shoes or white trainers with bumble bees on. How adorable!

Here we have a quick little fix up of what I intend to put on my daughter in the next few days. Of course there will be an added pair of white tights to the dress and cardigan ensemble. She is going to look adorable! Even if I do say so my biased self.

How much did I spend?
Four shoes: £23
Four body suit: £12
Tshirt: £3.50
Dress: £5.50
Two Cardigans: £12.50
Leggings: £3

Total: £59.50, as every product I purchased was reduced to 50% the retail price, I saved a lovely £60.

Was the experience worth it, absolutely! My child is worth every penny!

Thanks for reading,



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