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Top10 Can’t wait for’s (Autumn addition) 

It’s possibly a little too late to be pinpointin what could make this season that little bit more special. What with Autumn alread being here but I hope you guys can get past that. So as the title of this post promises, Here’s a Top ten can’t wait for’s (Autumn addition) 

1) This one is for the inner child in me – I can’t wait for CRUNCHY LEAVES. Going for long walk and seeing all those beautiful leaves. I will go out of my way to step on a crunchy looking leaf. I don’t even care! 

2) wearing wine coloured lipstick. My absolute favourite which I’ve picked up this time of year, 2 years in a row is maxfactors (mulberry). 

3) knitted hats – so cosy! And it means that I can leave my hair down for once. My mum bun can have a brake. Perfect for those little trips to the corner shop with the baby because I wont have to try so hard to get ready! 

4) candles – not just for the scent (Although that is a plus ) but for the way they just look when all the lights are off! It’s so beautiful! 

5) pumpkin spice – just pumpkins in general. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin latte and a new one that I need to try… Pumpkin baileys? Say whuuut.

6) cosy blankets – staying in, watching a film , cwtched up on the sofa with a cosy little blanket. It’s just perfect. 

7) Inferno (film) – it has been 7 years since the last but it’s finally here and my inner geek is overly excited! 

8) saying goodbye to flip flops – no more unpainted toe nails or nail infections staring at me. Although I imagine I’ll be seeing a few students out and about to busy to put on a pair of socks and shoes. I hate feet! 

9) boots – not knee high suede boots made for hotdog legs as beautiful as they might be, no I’m talking about my winter boots, my timberlands and my ankle boots. It’s been a while! 

10) Halloween – who doesn’t like Halloween? I’ve got so much planned for this month all relating to Halloween theme. Halloween food, Halloween cosmetics, Halloween costumes. I don’t think I’ve said the word Halloween enough! Halloween Halloween Halloween! 
Anyway guys, that’s my top ten, can’t wait for’s (Autumn addition) I hope you enjoyed, thanks for checking out my post. If you enjoyed please like and or follow. Thanks guys!! 


5 thoughts on “Top10 Can’t wait for’s (Autumn addition) 

  1. Hey me too with crunchy leaves!!! It’s so much fun to chase them and then hop on them!!! Candles, blankets, hot tasty drinks, a place to call home, true friends, Higher Power, wow how blessed are we!!!!!


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