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Lipsy Knits & Dior Lips – My Mini TXMaxx Haul 

Since early February of this year, the hearts of Swansea, Wales were torn apart as their favourite discounted designer store closed its doors. Thankfully it had plans to reopen at a later date and at a different location.

High praises, the time finally came for the store to reopen. Brilliant. Except the store had been downsized to a third of its original size. Safe to say, there wasn’t much that caught my eye. Disappointing.

Luckily, I did find some lovely things that had to be purchased. Not much but still – some!

Here’s what I bought,

Caroline Morgan – not a name I’m familiar with in all honesty, maybe I’m not cool enough or maybe it’s a non designer label but I loved the idea of having a long sleeved slouchy cardigan that was long enough to graze my shins. I love my cardigans so having a different take on the length really grabbed my attention.

If you’ve seen my previous post that covers my ASOS wishlist, you may have noticed my obsession with capes. I love them dearly! When my eyes caught this beautifully designed knitted cape I just knew I had to buy it. Best of all it is made by a company that I regularly spend money on – Lipsy.

The hat was definitely the trickiest to buy. With so many hats being almost identical but all different I couldn’t make my mind up. This didn’t have a brand name that I am familiar with (again) but I loved the cable knit, diamonte and the oversized pompom. It’s so cosy and just perfect for this bitter weather.

Whenever I pay a trip to TKMaxx it’s always a must to check out the makeup pile. I did check out the website before leaving the house to see what makeup I could possibly get my hands on – I wish I didn’t. As the website stated that they had a wine/ burgandy coloured lipstick from NARS. I was very dissapointed that they didn’t have any in stock. The only NARS lip product in stock was a translucent pink lip gloss. I haven’t worn lipgloss since the good old days of secondary school almost ten years ago. Do people still buy those? Not for me! Anyway aside from my disappointment in not having any NARS lipsticks I did manage to find a dark nude pink with a hint of gold from Dior. I’ve noticed that this product is no longer in circulation but I’m in no doubt about the quailty and the coverage is beautiful so I’m still amazed to have found this product on the shelves for less than £10.

Last of my purchase is this little number. No shopping trip is ever complete unless I’ve bought my child something. Maybe it’s because I feel less guilty on spoiling myself, I don’t know but either way how cute is this outfit!

Anyway guys, that’s all from me for today. I hope you enjoyed this content. Thanks for checking out my post.

Lots of love,

Natalie xx


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