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My military diet diary

Aloha beauties,

I hope this post finds you well! As you can see by the post title, the following postal entry is my own experience of the military diet.

Let’s start with the basic, my weight. As it stands my weight is 140lbs/ 10 stone. I’m not overweight but I am uncomfortable. I’ve always been 8/9 stone and I could always get my bum into size 8 clothes. Rewind the past year, my eating habits wore terrible whilst I was pregnant. Fast forward to today’s date and my gut resembles a muffin top in most of my old clothes. So it’s time to change that.

I remember scrolling through my Facebook feed and seeing the words military diet, lose ten pounds. At first I was a bit sceptical and I put it in the back of my mind. That was until I found a size 8 pair of jeans that I absolutely love and refuse to throw away. That’s when I decided to look up this fast acting diet.

I have tried an alternative fast acting diet from forever living called the clean9. Except the clean 9 is for 9 days. I tried this out about 4 months ago. There is a massive difference between that diet and this one. The clean 9 orders you to basically starve yourself on the first 2 days and to drink lots of water and milkshakes in the week. I found that I lost 2 pounds in the first 2 days due to the starvation period. After the 9 days however I seemed to have put that back on. The diet calls for no salt in your food because salt makes you retain water. one problem. I don’t eat salt anyway so my body was already doing a good job of getting rid of water. If your big on salt and you want to do this diet perhaps it will work for you but it was a big thumbs down for me. So with my past experiences of fast diets being negative I was a little sceptical to say the least.



For breakfast I had 2 tablespoons of smooth peanut butter on plain (no butter/ margarine) whole meal toast. A mug of coffee without sugar or milk and 240mls of water with half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. Alternatively you can replace the water/ bicab soda mix with half a grapefruit but my store didn’t have any in stock and according  to the military diets substitute list this is the best alternative. If you too want to drink water with the bicab of soda, I highly recommend you keep the tablespoon used to measure your peanut butter on hand. For every gulp of water lick the spoon. It tastes so bad, the peanut butter will stop you from gagging!

The food is extremely filling and gives lots of energy. Good start so far.


So it’s now lunch time. I’m surprised how long my fullness lasted but I am now eager for a bit more grub.

Today’s lunch consists of half a cup of tuna (for uk residents that’s one whole drained tin of tuna), a slice of whole meal bread or toast. I went for a standard slice of bread as I figured toast would be too dry for tuna. Lastly for my lunch is another mug of caffeinated coffee with no milk or sugar.

Sounds boring but it has filled me up so let’s hope I’m full until dinner time so my snacking habits don’t take over.


What’s that? But no seriously I don’t tend to do much excericse either because I don’t have any time or because after carrying a 7month old almost everywhere I don’t really have any energy to do any form of fitness. But I do walk to the shops a lot *wink wink* so that’s my excericse for today. I am going to walk over to my local Morrisons and back to pick up some ingredients for tonight’s dinner which should take up half hour of my time. Lovely.



Definitely a weird experince for me. Eating a dinner without either pasta or potatoe based products with my meat.

As this diet calls for ANY meat as long as its 3oz I went ahead and treated myself to a lovely piece of serloin steak. Because why not. My other half was chuffed too, because I could only have 1/3 of the actual steak and he had the rest!

Along side my 3oz of red meat, I also had 1 cup of green beans. I then combined half a banana with 1 cup of vanilla ice cream and then I had a small apple. Also to drink I just went for a glass of water. Nothing special but it’s the best thing apparently so yep ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
My lunch was quite filling, which was great. I’m usually walking into the kitchen and checking the cupboards for Bordam confectionary like it’s a  new fashion trend.

I’m now curious about how tomorrow morning will pan out. I’m usually so so hungry in the morning. Fingers crossed it all goes as well.


No change to my heavily grumbling belly. I am starving but that’s normal for me. I’ve d codes against weighing myself so that I don’t put myself off so I’m going straight into my breakfast.


Breakfast consists of half a banana, one slice of whole meal bread and one boiled egg. This breakfast is definitely filling. Extremely boring but it definitely keeps you full for a long time! I eat boiled eggs regularly anyway because they suppress my appetite so I know this is going to be good start to my day!

Possibly the worst meal out of the entire diet for me. I don’t mind cottage cheese, in fact it was quite nice on the crackers. The only thing is you could cover about 50 crackers with the amount of cottage cheese I had to eat and I only had 5 crackers. I ate it all though like the good girl that I am but that was only because of the extra fresh garlic and chilli seeds I had to put in. Oh and I got to eat a boiled egg again. That was the most enjoyable part of this meal. It did fill me up but it was just too much of the same thing.


Today’s form of excercise was a long walk into the centre of town which is roughly a half hour walk. I did attempt to squat because I hear they’re supposed to be good for you. Fail! Moving on I’ll stick to walking. I can do that!


img_1306Dinner number two is 2 hotdogs, a cup of broccoli, half a cup of carrots, half a cup of ice cream and half a banana. For added flavour for the vegetables I decided to add 1/4 teaspoon of mustard seeds and 1/4 teaspoon of chilli seeds to add a bit of spice. The hotdogs were a little confusing and I’m hoping I haven’t ruined my diet but I decided I go ahead and eat the whole tin of hotdogs. When I researched the calories in American hotdogs and according to the military diets calorie counter 2 American hotdogs are roughly 350calories. I was using the small thin hotdogs you find in brine, each hotdog is only 44 calories. I didn’t want to eat less calories than what I should have because I know I’d be hungry hence why I ate the tin. One whole British tin of hot dogs equals 352 calories! Very enjoyable but honestly I can’t wait until my third day is finished so that I can eat what I want to eat. I’m still going to eat healthier than before but the idea of being able to eat what I want is just so exciting.

Final day of this diet. I’m yet to weigh myself. I hope I’ve lost about 3lbs at least, 10lbs would be nice but realistically I’m hoping for 3! I have 24hours to go! Let’s do this.


Today’s breakfast is a 70 calorie slice of cheese, so basically the thinnest slice of cheese possible. Paired with 5 crackers and an apple. Not quite a full fry up breakfast but I love cheese so this went down well.


Lunch was a boiled egg and a piece of wholemeal. If you ever need an explanation for the word boring. This much pretty much summed things up! Filling but boring.


Excercise was yet another half hour walk into town. I’m not going to attempt to do anything more than walk. That way I won’t fail.

As I was going into town with my sister and she wanted to eat out, I didn’t want to betray the diet, instead I grabbed myself some green tea!


2 tins of tuna. Wow. I had to mix chilli seeds and garlic into the tuna to give a better taste. It did fill me up but again very boring. I feel like that’s all I’ve said this post is how boring this diet is. It definitely makes you crave the junk food because of how dull the food is but it fills you up so you do double think before snacking. Oh and I got to eat a cup of ice cream and half a banana. Normally I would enjoy this but I’ve had it 3 days in a row.


Okay so I’ve lost 2lbs 12oz. It’s not quite the 3 and a half pounds I’d hoped to lose but never the less, it’s better to lose than to to put on I guess!

Compared to the clean9 I definitely could see more progress. Of course the clean 9 is a cleanse and should not be viewed as a diet but rather a weight management before beginning a diet to get rid of toxins and what not but it did not do anything for me. Where as this diet, as boring as it was,, it definitely gave me a better result and has given me the boost I need to start a healthy lifestyle.

As it stands I am now going to eat a low calorie diet for four days and I will be doing this diet all over again because it does work!! As much as I’ve moaned about how boring the food is, it definitely works to eat low calorie filling food.

Anyways guys that’s all from me, I hope you enjoyed this content. If you enjoyed please follow and or like this post!๐Ÿ˜

Lots of love ,



5 thoughts on “My military diet diary

  1. Wow I don’t think I could do that man.. I really want to give it a try, I used to be a size 12 after I had gained weight and finally dropped to a 10 but I also want to go back to where I was most comfortable which was a size 8, these past few days I have really let myself go! ๐Ÿ˜ฉ reading this post made me feel more motivated to fix myself more, love this post Natalie! Also you little one is gorgeous!!. x


    1. It was hard! Not because of how little I ate but because of how boring it was to eat ๐Ÿ˜‚ I’m thinking of doing it again, I want get to a size 8 aswell. I used to be so small and then when I fell pregnant I just couldn’t control my hunger ๐Ÿ˜ฉbut there’s always time to make a difference, you can do it ๐Ÿ˜˜ & thank you she’s a little beautie xx

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  2. I tried this too because I was so curious for the result. But it’s very different for everyone… Also I thought it was going to be easy, only 3 days. BUT I WAS STARVING


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