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People we hate when we have infants. 

Aloha beauties,

If you’ve stumbled across my blog before you’ll know my love of lists is beyond my control. Here’s another for you guys. 

This list is dedicated to all those people who make my blood boil as a mum to an under one year old. In the hopes that if you come under this catergory in any way, you may think twice and change your ways. 

Here goes, 

1) it’s nice to share your stories of your beloved little darlings. It’s not nice to compete and show off. 

Parent 1: my child said his first word. 

Parent2: my child said his first word when he was only 4months 💁🏻.

Parent 1: oh fab, what was it. 

Parent 2: gwgsbsbVsbdjdhsws 

Parent 1: 👍🏻 greeeat. 🙄

2) this one is devoted to any big bosses who decide it’s okay to have small isles in their stores. The ones which have you reenacting a scene from the classic sitcom friends as you attempt to take a sharp corner, “PIVOT”. 

3) Those people who see you queue for the bus and decide their too comfy to move from the easy access area of the vehicle. It’s okay babes I’ll just swing the pram over my shoulder and sit at the back. No probs. 

4) The, “omg how adorable, what’s his name” kind of people. My child is wearing all pink. Think about it. 

5) Those people who make you want to carry disinfectant at all times as they try to stroke your child’s face. Nope. 

6) The, ‘I’ve had 25 children I know what I’m on about’ kind of people. Okay, you’ve pushed a few out but that does not mean you know my child more than me. Go away. 

7) Playing sardines in an elevator with people who are quite obviously to lazy to take a few steps to the second floor. 

8) The wishful future parents who claim they wouldn’t put their child in anything but designer. Let’s all laugh together. 

9) Those people who only want to know what your plans are for work. Yes I am going back to work. No I don’t want to talk about it. 

10) Strangers who stop you to make small talk about your child, as if they’ve known you for years. 

In all fairness, this was quite possibly the easiest list I’ve ever had to make and quit frankly probably the hardest ten to choose because of how many people ruin my daily activities with the little one. But these are definitely my most hated. 

If your a mum with a little one, post in the comments the type of people you dislike. Don’t be shy!

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Lots of love



2 thoughts on “People we hate when we have infants. 

  1. Lol i love your list, i can relate to it too much, here’s my addition to yours

    – i hate people who HAS to give you a parenting advise and expects you to follow it because they have experience
    – i hate people (specially family members) who does things you said you don’t want to like feeding my child icecream or chocolate because it looks cute
    – i hate people who asks “when’s the next baby coming”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, all three came into mind when I wrote this. My mum is the worst for feeding Cerys chocolate and it’s usually around her bed time so it makes life so much more difficult. Tbf it’s only really family members who ask when the next ones coming – but it’s still irritating. I’m not quite over the labour pains of my first child and it’s been 8 months. Haha xx

      Liked by 1 person

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