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TKMAXX makeup haul

Aloha Beauties,

Today I’ve been really naughty. You know when your prime goal of purchasing one item from the shops turns into a handful of products your credit card will resent you for? Yeah that happened.

My main goal today was to purchase a face oil. As I have dry skin I have been researching ways to hydrate my skin. I had searched for products in boots but I figured, I’m passing tkmaxx anyway, I might as well have a look. We all know what happens when you ‘just look’.

As I’m browsing for skin care, I managed to find a great charcoal facemask from organik botanik Australia – £4.99 and a duo pack of face and body oils from ‘sukin’ £7.99. Reviews to follow in a couple of weeks!!

Next I felt it was only natural to check out the makeup range at tkmaxx. At first I missed a lot of things so I thought I’d do a double take just in case there was something important. Oh my, aren’t I glad I did!

I managed to find too faced cosmetics, which for any makeup addict is like a dream come true. I only purchased 4 items but I saved a little fortune. The 4 items purchased were, The too faced shadow insurance primer £4.99 – currently retailing at £15.30 at Debenhams, TooFaced glitter glue £4.99 – currently retailing at £15.30, TooFaced melted frosting £5.99 – currently retailing in Debenhams for £17 and the TooFaced cat eye palette £9.99 – currently retailing for £31.50 at Debenhams.

And then of course it was a quick look at the baby items. I didn’t find much but I did find some cute little dummies/ pacifiers and a little rabbit rattle which she absolutely loved!

Well that’s all from me today guys, hope you enjoyed. Let me know in the comments, what your best bargain beauty buy has been.

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Lots of love,

NatalieCharmaine Xx


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