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A Personal definition of Anxiety


Aloha Beauties,

A word that I see quite often these days is anxiety. It seems that a lot of people are dealing with this dreaded emotion. Before the popularity with this word, I never quite understood what it was I was feeling. So thank you social media, now I finally know who I am and what I’m dealing with.

For years I have been dealing with an uncertain emotion and I never knew how to describe it. I would be too nervous to ask for directions in case I would be judged. I was too scared to ask for assistance from a store assistant in case I was wasting their time. I was too afraid too speak up and be listened to in case people thought differently.

One of the reasons why I blog is because it allows to me to be more interactive. It allows me to let off steam and I wont get judged, and if people are negative, well… I don’t have to speak to them face to face so it’s not going to knock me down.

People assume that I am shy. The thing is they couldn’t be more wrong, but having a high level of anxiety can stop you from doing simple things. Things like raising your hand when you know an answer to a question or asking for assistance.

How it feels?
It feels like sleep paralysis. Everything is going on around you, you want to interact, you want to be apart of whatever it is that’s surrounding you, but something is holding you down, you forget your breathing pattern and you lose your voice.

How I deal with it?
baby steps – I like to interact with people as much as I can. Sometimes this is as small as going to a store and asking an assistance where a certain product is stacked. A little question goes a long way. The more I ask, the less I worry. honestly, its a great relief when you’ve accomplished something as little as this.

Blogging helps a lot too. it allows me to be myself.

Really, I doesn’t matter how I deal with it, all that really matters is the fact that I’m not going to let this beat me.

Do you guys suffer from anything like this? if so, how do you deal with it? any tips and tricks that you would like to share?

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Lots of Love,


9 thoughts on “A Personal definition of Anxiety

  1. This is brilliantly summed up☺️ I too have struggled with anxiety and feel the best way for me to deal with things is to do exactly the same! The more I do and push myself out of my comfort zone the better I feel! Baby steps are the best way 😘 It’s also so lovely to hear that so many people experience these emotions because sometimes it’s easy to feel alone… Great post xx

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  2. Sometimes I feel I’m well and I have a great life. I feel I’m doing such a great job in coping with this. You mention raising your hand to speak when you know the answer, yes I’ve been doing that and I felt great, I felt somehow accomplished, even though I didn’t have the correct answer all the time. And than, someone mentioned that I have no problem, that I just need attention. And I fell. I’m so deep down now that I don’t know how to get up. I started to exercise today and I have to go to school tomorrow even though I don’t want to. I missed so much school lately, because I can’t seem to make my mind listen to me. Anyways, sorry for this long post. I don’t know how to cope with this, but I’m trying so much. Every day, I’m trying.

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    1. *hugs* I know that feeling. Do your friends and family know what your going through? They may not understand it straight away, but they will learn too. Have a word with your teachers about it too, if you speak about it to them they’ll be less likely to put you on the spot with questions. I hated school for that reason. Even when I knew an answer I physically couldn’t reply. And my anxiety went through the roof. Like i said in my post, baby steps make a difference. If you feel low pop to your local store and ask a small question like, “can you help me find…?”When you’ve accomplished that you’ll feel more confident in yourself. It will make you realise that even though you have anxiety, it can be beaten! Baby steps are key 😘

      I know some people run to clear their mind. Perhaps it will help you?? If someone puts you down, just remember they don’t know you enough to judge. They haven’t walked a mile in your shoes. So instead of feeling sad for yourself, feel sad for them, because when you’ve finally beaten this and your stronger…they’ll still be horrible bitches!

      And never forget, your not alone and where all here to listen. Xxx

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      1. Thank you! Yes, my family and friends know but I’m not sure they really understand it. Than again, they mention all the time that I’m not listening to them. Being the fact that I’m so lost and tired all the time that might be true. They think I don’t understand them, I think they don’t understand me. It’s a vicious circle. I didn’t think to talk to my teachers, you are right, I will definitely do that. Thank you for your words, it helps. 😘😘😘

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