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52 Week Blogging Challange – week 2! 

Aloha Beauties, 

Someone’s been a little naughty. It’s week 2 of the 52 week blogging challenge. I am supposed to post this every Friday but sometimes life just gets in the way. So it’s s few days late but…better late than never.!!

So without further a do, here’s week two…

My favourites!! 

As I’ve previously mentioned in my Christmas favourites, this post is well and truly due! Sometimes it’s difficult to pin point what my favourites are. It depends on how I’m feeling so my answers may change now and again. Am I the only person who does this? 

Favourite fragrance:

Having such a sweet tooth does mean that my perfumes are always sweet. A popular choice of perfume for me is Viktor and Rolfs, flower bomb. It’s a beautiful signature scent that lasts throughout the day. Every note complements each other and it’s a nice classy scent that’s sweet but not sickly. 

Favourite movie? 

This category is one of those, I don’t know catergories. I have so many favourites I’m not sure which I could put as a number one!  Possible all the Harry potters, can I do that?! Tough I’m doing it. Otherwise I’ll be here all day deciding which one was greater and I couldn’t do that… believe me I’ve tried. 

Favourite Food? 

Jalapeños!! They have to be pickled though. I will put them with every savoury meal imaginable – pasta, burgers, salads. I like spicey food, but I like spicey food that has a nice taste to it. I’ve ordered spicey food before where it’s been really spicey but it’s so hot you can’t taste the flavours…what is the point in that?! Plus I love pickled onions etc, so pickled jalapeños are just too good to be true. 👌

My partner used to turn his nose up at them. One day he took a bite of my pizza with pickled jalapeños on. He now makes me buy him his own jar when I do the food shop! They’re addictive!! 

Favourite activity? 

Blogging! I absolutely love reading people’s views and opinions. I also love that I can voice over my own opinions and everyone in the WordPress community is so lovely! The idea of being able to be creative just by being myself is just wonderful. I love writing!! 

Favourite song? 

My favourite song will never be the same. I change my mind too often! However, clean bandit’s – rock a bye, is up there! I love it! Ask me again once I’ve listened to it a million times I’ll probably change my mind! Habit! 

I’m quite an indecisive person. Most of my favourites will change in time. However for the purpose f this post, here’s my favourite right now. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading! 

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Lots of christmasy love,

NatalieCharmaine xx 


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