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A Day with old friends! 

Aloha Beauties, 

One of my amazing friends came home from working on a cruise ship! she came back for one month but since she has a lot of other people to see (other friends and family) we’ve only been able to squeeze in one afternoon of chitchat. 

Catrin is my uni friend. We’ve been friends for around 7 years. Crazy!! 

We always meet up in a trio. Me, catrin and my other friend owain who I’ve been friends with for almost ten years. Since we were all so close in uni we always tend to meet in our little group. It’s weird to see one without the other. 

First we went for some lovely food at Las Iguanas in Swansea. It’s a lovely restaurant that serves Latin American dishes. There was a lot of choice and I’m not great with desicions. As I tend to get full really quickly if I drink anything fizzy with my meals, I went for a boring glass of water. Yes I know!! Boring!! For my meal, I went for chicken with coleslaw, salad and a side portion of plantain. If you’ve never tried plantain it’s basically a banana/ potatoe combo. So good! 

I would have taken pictures but the excitement of seeing catrin in so long was overwhelming I just completely forgot! Plus my food smelt so good I just dived right in. 

The service was also very impressive. A rare trait thay I’ve noticed to be missing in a lot of restaurants recently. 

After our food was demolished we then decided to go to another restaurant called Kaspas. If you are not familiar, it is basically a restaurant that only serves dessert! 🙌

If you decide to google the word kaspas be prepared for a lot of dribble! 

Catrin is gluten free so she went for a raspberry ripple ice cream. 

Me being me, I decided to go for an apple crumble on top of a waffle. Regretting it now because my stomach hurts so much but honestly, so yummy. 

I managed to eat most of it but it was a struggle! Having been before I avoided anything with peanut butter because these are usually too sickly to consume. Even for me! 

Owain went for an m and m waffle base with strawberry and white chocolate toppings! 

We talked and talked about the good old days, and where catrin has been around the world and where she will be going next. I am definitely jealous! 

If I didn’t have a child I’d be on that cruise with her! Owain is travelling also. He’s going to go traveling around Asia for a while. 😭😭

Here comes the little green monster of jealousy! 

It was so nice to see them. I hadn’t seen either of them in nearly 6 months. It was sad saying fairwells but there not gone forever and they’re going to have such an amazing time! I wish them all the happiness in the world! 

Thanks for reading lovelies, 

Lots of love, 

NatalieCharmaine xx 


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