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Work, work, work: a mothers perspective 

Aloha Beauties, 

Some of you may or may not already know that I have a child. I have a mini me whom I love with all my heart. This post is just a little write up of the daily struggle of wanting to be a good mom and still be employed full time. 

First off, for anyone considering their options of going back to work… Do what’s right for you. If you feel that part time work will not allow you to earn enough to cover living costs, then full time is possibly your best option. For me I wanted to go back full time to both earn more money and to allow Cerys to flourish with children her own age at crèche. But seriously…everyone is different so only do what suits you…and not other people! 👌😘

So let me walk you though a typical ‘working day’. At my current place of work, I work full time. The opening hours are 8am/8pm Monday to Friday, we are open on Saturday and Sunday too… but I won’t bore you with that. I work 37 hours a week and my shift pattern changes every single month. Let’s look at yesterday as an example of how I run the mothering/ working combination. 

6am – I’m up doing my hair and makeup, 

6:20 – I’ve decided to change Cerys ‘ nappy now incase I get any ‘mess’ on my work clothes. Since she’s quiet I’ll change her whole outfit. 

6:30 – I’m getting myself changed and then running around the place making sure that Cerys has been fed, and that everything is ready for crèche. 

7am – we’re out the door. First stop a half an hour walk to crèche. It doesn’t make things easier having to walk past my place of work to get to crèche. I then have to tailgate back after crèche and walk to work which is another ten minutes. 

7:45 – I’m at work. 

8:00- my shift starts. 

*lots of stressful calls coming through at this point with a lunch break inbertween were I just stare into my phone.*

16:30 – my shift ends. I pick Cerys up from crèche and walk home. 

17:15 we’re home. Cerys was grumpy because she’s teething so wouldn’t leave my side. 

*next couple of hours are filled with screaming, crying, hugs and playtime. I can’t sit on the sofa because Cerys wants to play, I can’t sit on the floor because It hurts my ankles. So instead I’m stood up and holding Cerys in my arms as she dances to whatever adverts pop up inbetween her favourite animations.*

20:00 – after 2 bottles and still a flood full of tears. I take Cerys to my bed to lye down. This is a touch and go scenario. She may lye down and calm herself or it could go tits up and she could jump up and down with the headboard as her support.  

20:15 she’s snoring…she’s actually snoring. 🙌

*sometime in between… zzzzzzz. I have fallen asleeep*

I wake up at 2am after a long deep sleep and then prepare food, work clothes and a shower so that I don’t have to worry about drying my hair when I wake up. 

Then it’s time to wake up at 6am to start the process again!!

As you can see, a working day doesn’t start and finish when my shifts start and end. It’s a difficult process of balancing. Obviously my child comes first no matter what so all my outside of work time is devoted to her. It’s a difficult one that makes you wish that you’ve won the lottery every weekend. 

I can however , hold my hand to my heart and say i love that I work full time. It may mean I spend time away from Cerys but because I work I can afford to buy her the best. She deserves only the best! 

That’s all from my today, I hope you’ve enjoyed. Please like and or follow if you’re not already doing so. 

Lots of love,

NatalieCharmaine xx


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