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My week in review

Aloha Beauties, 

So the past week I’ve been up to my eyeballs in activities. Which is a complete game changer for me. I usually have such an inactive life. So much so that sometimes it can be a real struggle to find a topic to blog about. 


Sunday I celebrated my daughters First Birthday. Even though her birthday was on the Monday, I knew I wouldn’t have time on the Monday to make too much off a fuss. So instead I plastered the house in banners and pink decorations. Party food came from Morrisons. We didn’t want too much of a fuss but I wanted to make more of an effort because you know…First Birthday and that!!


 The reason why I knew I wouldn’t have enough time? NEW JOB. I was a little nervous at first but thankfully I now work for a company that looks after their employees 😂👌 so I got comfy in no time!! 


Nothing special on this day 


For us in Wales, we celebrated saint davids day. Here’s a cheeky snap of my gorgeous one in her Welsh costume. 


Thursday was all about world book day. As per request from my daughters crèche, she was asked to dress as a book character. Well since we had 24hours to find something for her to wear and I had work when all the shops were open, we opted for her cat costume. I’m not entirely sure which book she was supporting but… anything with a cat in. For her face paint I just used a tiny amount of brow promenade on her nose and used an eyeliner brush to make quick straight lines on her face. She looked adorable. Even if I do say so myself. 


Nothing much happened today apart from the fact that it was the last day of the week for my new job. 


on this day my friend came down to visit. I haven’t seen her in a while. Cerys was planned to go over her grandparents at five so I made sure Bethan came over before that because she hadn’t seen my baby in so long. Then she took over my kitchen and made us the best lasagne in the world. 🙌 

After food we took about a lifetime to get ready for a night out. We then had a couple of adult drinks 😏 and hit the town. Quite surprisingly I wasn’t a mess. Since I go out once every six months this is weird for me! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Oh I also managed to pick up a new pair of glasses on this day. Here’s what I look like with them on. #selfietime


I then spent all of Sunday morning with a hangover. I knew Cerys’ grandparents would bring over a Sunday dinner so I didn’t bother cooking anything heavy but I did cook vol au vents for the first time ever and they came out half decent. 👌

And that’s my week. If you liked this post please like and or follow. 
Lots of love, 

NatalieCharmaine xx


4 thoughts on “My week in review

    1. Thank you Hun. She’s beautiful isn’t she. I don’t know where she gets it from 🤔 haha. Thank you. It’s going well and it’s so nice to finally be able to see 🙌 ha. Thanks for commenting lovely 😘


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