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Posting scheduled insta-pics to my blogs first. Because… 

Aloha Beauties. 

I’m insanely upset with the lack of internet I have had whilst being away. I have had the urge to post so many beautifully wonderful pictures of unedited landscapes of the welsh beach I have spent my past week. Life however had different plans. 

I was fully aware of the lack of internet but I did not realise that it would be so bad that I couldn’t even upload pictures to instagram or even download The Pinterest app. I mean, I always test a connection on how quick the google symbol pops up or how many times a vid buffers on YouTube. And guess what… no buffering. Super fast google logo. Still.. we’ll try again when there’s a better connection. He hahahaha he great 🙄🖕didn’t want to upload anyway!! NO IM JOKING. But yeah since I’ve had no choice but to wait until the end of the holibobs to post my wonderful pictures of my happenings, I thought I would share them with you guys first and then upload them onto insta when I am home. Not all at once though because I don’t want to piss of my instagram followers. I have some of those now. *blushes*

To start off with we’ll have an obligatory view from the room ✌️ I don’t know about you. But I’ve had worse views. I mean. Just look how beautiful!! 

Then of course  I have a 1 year old with more sass that most 13 year olds. So a lot of pictures now are going to be baby related. 

Have you ever thought too much about doing something that it put you off doing it? Or if something scared you because you thought you’d fail? Remember this picture of my one year old climbing a frame in the park. Absolutely no fear of falling. No hesitation. An obstacle that is half her height and brand new. Not once did she ponder. She just looked at it and went for it. She doesn’t understand failure because if she wants something she will try and get it. (Except for sugar before bed time. Nah pal) 

I love this pictures because even though Cerys loved the dancing and the music. She knows from a young age that nothing beats a bit of unhealthy food on a night out 👊🏻 oh yeahhhh!! 

The troublesome duo. The two cousins who already love hate each other more than I could have ever imagined. My niece and my monkey. 

My monkey seeing her first show with sparkles. I think that was it. Sprinkles, sparkles, sparky. Something of that nature. Anyway. She loved it. Couldn’t get enough of it. It was a success! 

Next up a bit of a gross one, and for any vegans/ vegetarians out there. Scroll past the next image. It nothing explicit or too vile so don’t you other folk worry too much, but me and dad decided to do something a bit more gritty so we went… looking for cockles. 

And they we’re lovely too! 

Anyway guys there ends my blog post of instagram posts that are due to go up. When I am back in action andddd with a better connection. Haaa! Hopefully I’ll get to take more pictures that you wouldnt have seen so you guys get a bit of a surprise if and when you decide to check out my instagram @nataliecharmaine_ or of twitters more your thing then come over and see me there @nataliecharm_ 

Love you lots and lots,

NatalieCharmaine xx 

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