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A cheapskates guide to Travel – In the airport & onboard!! 

Aloha Beauties, 

So I’ve been home from my holiday for 2 days and I have so many blog posts to write and put up.  I have no idea where I’m going to find the time so bare with me guys. Hopefully I’ll manage it. 

Travelling to a different country can be expensive. When you think about how much you have to fork out on plane tickets, hotels, new summer clothes (if like me you got to sexy for your smaller clothes) and toiletries. It gives me the heebie Jeebies. Then of course you have to take spending money. You can take a lot or you can take just what you need. Hopefully this list will help you save a little bit of money so that you can spend more on your travelling adventurers outside of the airport terminal! 

And as a true NatalieCharmaine write up, here comes a top tip list. 

1) Cheap Tea/ Coffee. 

This one is great for both in the airport and on the plane ride. All you need for this one is a travel mug and sachets of your favourite tea or coffee. Your much needed hot water can be provided at most airport restaurants and cabin crew at zero Pennies extra. Which is much cheaper than the costly crap they’ll serve you!! 

2) Free Water! 

So your nearly at the airport security checks. You have an unwanted plastic bottle that may or may not have liquids remaining. That you need to get rid of because airport security will not allow for it to pass through because liquids over 100ml are a big no no in most countries. Well also in most airports, just after security there is usually a water dispenser so that you can refill your plastics up. That will save you a pretty penny! 

3) Airport Lounge?

So this one isn’t exactly a cheapskates approved tip but it will save you money if you like to pig out and drink before your holiday. For all intens and purposes I’ve only looked at one Airport for around about figure on what you can save. Big up Gatwick 👌

Cost is £30 in advance or £37.50 on the day. Doesn’t take a genius to work out what your best option is.

What you get? Nothing really. Except for unlimited beverages of your choice, unlimited food, snacks, newspaper and magazines that you can take on your flight. Oh and premium boarding! Not much 😏

This is a good tip for me personally since it usually costs an arm and a leg just for one alcoholic drink. Remember though Beauties, don’t get too intoxicated before your flight! It’s not worth it!

4) Airport Parking

It doesn’t take a genius to know that it pays to shop around in advance. Try looking at parking spaces furthest from the terminal as although they seem to be the less appealing, they are a fraction of the cost of those nearest to the airport. It might be a put off but you get free transfers to the airpot anyway?!!Also, try using a google search for any discounts that may be applied to your parking providor. Vouchercodes.co.uk is a firm favourite.

5) Food for thought

As per Gatwick Airports security guide on food…

You can carry fruit, vegetables and all solid foods in your hand baggage. However, foods in sauces or with a high liquid content (such as sauces, pastes, soups and stews) cannot come through security. 

The size of container must not exceed 100ml, regardless of the amount contained inside. Please note that jams, honey and other preserves are also subject to these restrictions.

As you can see any solid foods can be taken so, there’s no mention on here that you can’t take easily prepared foods that can be made up using only hot water. Again it’s free. 

Of course most flights have freemeals for you but some are money savvy and charge an extra supplement for the meal itself which usually costs £10 per person. No thanks. So if your not lucky enough to have a free meal included in your ticket price fear not. 

Bonus Tip!! 

Check out your chosen airports website for their list of available discounts for possibly more money off your shop. For examply there is currently a WHSmith and a sunglasses Hut offer at Gatwick. However you will need to sign up for these exclusive offers which you can do so by visiting their site Here

And that, completes my list of things to bring down your spend at the airport and for your flight. If you’ve liked what you’ve read please don’t forget to like and or follow if your not already doing so.

Lots of love,

NatalieCharmaine xx

One thought on “A cheapskates guide to Travel – In the airport & onboard!! 

  1. Love these tips!! I always try to carry some food in my bags for snacks to save money! And looking at parking ahead of time is always smart- I have made the mistake of parking in the wrong garage before and having to pay big bucks for it!


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