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Bad mom & proud. 

Aloha beauties, 

It has recently come to light that a lot of people are determining what the correct way to mother a child should be. According to most I am a bad mom but you know what, I’m comfortable with this. From feeding, to bed time, to even the amount of love I give my child. Trust me, there’s an opinion floating in the air. 

Why am I proud? Well let’s start with why I’m supposedly a bad mom. I’m a bad mom because when my daughter wants to be picked up…I pick her up. According to certain untrained professional psychologists she is too spoilt. I love her too much. I’m supposed to let her cry it out. Then you let said people have a go at leaving her cry it out and said people give in and.. yep you guessed it, pick her up. Loving your child enough to pick them up when they cry for you is not a sign of weakness it’s a sign of affection!! 

I’m a bad mom because, her socks don’t match. Honestly, try keeping identical socks together when your child’s hobby is to pull them off when your not looking and throw them. Quite frankly, as long as her toes are wrapped up I couldn’t give a damn how identical her socks are. Her wardrobe isn’t important it’s her wellbeing. Although I do enjoy dressing her up in cute little outfits, I have no obligations to the occasional miss match. People who judge others based on how well a baby is dressed clearly have nothing better to do with their time, so if your unfortunate enough to bump into this kind of person just let it go above your head or at least try. 

I spend too much money on her. Probably the most annoying sentence to hear at any one time. I guess again I love my child too much. In all fairness I understand some people do literally take the piss. I watched a documentary not so long ago (wish I could recall the title) where by both parents worked hard to earn an income. The dad earned enough money to pay the house bills and the mother spent her entire wages on her daughter. That’s ridiculous. when I say I like to spend money on my child, I feel like I spend a lot but on things that she actually will need like clothes, shoes, socks and dummies for the billionth time and yeah you know what I will buy that big ol’ teddy bear that she’s being eyeing up since we entered the store because it made her happy and her happiness is my everything. I won’t spend my entire wages on her because I have responsibilities and she does need boundaries but telling someone you shouldn’t buy something for their own child is outrageous. What people spend their money on is up to them. I personally tend to spend most of my money in sales so that I get more for my money but hey I must be a bad mom. 

I’m a bad mom because I stopped/ started breastfeeding. This one is probably the most controversial on this entire list. I breastfed because it meant that my child could get the best start. I stopped because my breasts couldn’t cope with her demands. I’m a bad mom because I publicly breastfed and it made childish men uncomfortable. Now my breasts touch my knees, my child loves her bockle and people no longer stair. Not that I cared too much about what people thought about public breastfeeding anyway. All in all, as long as you feed your child it shouldn’t matter how you feed your child. 

I’m a bad mom because I didn’t give her any form of solid food until she was 6months. This one came from both sets of her grandparents demanding I feed her because the ready made jars states 4months plus. I wasn’t starving my child I was just holding on to when I believed my child to be ready. Some people feed their childred early. I didn’t. Guess I’m a bad mom. 

I’m a bad mom because when my child was 4 months old, I went on holiday with a friend for a week. I wasn’t coping with being a mom at one point because the level of help I had was bare minimum. I had reached a level of self hatred so strong that I needed to get away. So with the agreement from my other half, he let me have a week to myself to let my hair down. I slept most of the time and my mommy clock was hard to switch off but it was much needed. My other half also enjoyed because he was forced to bond and her grandparents had an amazing week showing her off to all their friends so it was a win win in my eyes. 

And finally, I’m a bad mom because as I’m writing this blog my child is in her bed aka my bed. She shares the bed with me. Why? Because since she was but a baby Cerys she never wanted to sleep for longer than an hour in any place unless it was in an actual bed, with a duvet. She no longer needs to be wrapped up in my arms but she still opens her eyes from time to time to check if mommy is still here and if I’m not she cries and cries and it then becomes impossible to put her back to sleep. I first started co-sleeping as a coping mechanism, we now co-sleep because it’s normal and I’m not ashamed of it. 

So there you have it guys. I’m a bad mom and I absolutely love it because I’m bringing up my child the way that I want her to be brought up, into a world of love. So here’s a big fat middle finger to all you judgy d**kheads who don’t have anything nice to say. 🖕🖕🖕

Are you proud to be a bad mom? Let me know in the comment if you have ever experienced anything like the above. 

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Lots of love, 

NatalieCharmaine xx 

8 thoughts on “Bad mom & proud. 

  1. oh nooooo – Not only was/am I a bad mum then (my boys are now a bit bigger.. 32 & 27 but I’ve grown even worse and now I’m a REALLY BAD nana too!! My older son still snuck into our bed for until he was at least 7 years old.. (not that he’d be happy I’m telling you that – haha!!) – he survived to still be a lovely adult… My younger son wouldn’t eat anything – Mr Faddy – nightmare!! – he now has the best and healthiest diet of all our family! Oh and I have a sign on my wall that says “what happens at Nannas’ stays at Nannas!” Yep – Keep being ‘bad’ girly – odd socks sound ‘perfect’ to me and it’s all a question of ‘perspective’… What looks ‘bad’ to one person looks ‘perfect’ to the next… xx

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  2. Someone once told me when my three boys were young. I’m paraphrasing here: As parents we can do everything right and end up with children who are bad seeds or we can do everything wrong and end up with exceptional children. You have to do what you feel is right in your heart. Today it’s so easy for everyone to express their opinion under the guise of feedback but most of time the so-called feedback is hateful. Feedback should be constructive and uplifting. Continue doing you!!

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  3. Beautiful post! I think we’re all “bad moms” cause on everything we do there an opinion about why it’s wrong. Also I think that Nature created everything perfectly and with a purpose. Babies were not created to cry by accident or as a joke,they were meant to cry so mommies know they need attention ❤ As for co-sleeping, I think there is nothing more natural 😊

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  4. Yay. I’m in the bad moms club. Bottle fed my kids, bought them so much stuff, slept in my bed etc. So now I have 5 well adjusted beautiful upright citizens for children who make me proud and have given me 9 grandchildren to spoil, and I love it!

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