If your one of those people who enjoy reading the lives of ‘Real‘ People, then sit back, relax, get your selves a cuppa & kick up your feet because I’m as real as they get.

As much as I’d love to constantly look like the front page of Vogue, have the perfect life and have rainbows shining out of my ass, life isn’t quite like that. Mine definitely isn’t anyway. Although i do try.

I can show you how i pretend to be perfect. I can show you how to dress to impress and how I apply my beauty canvas but I’m also here to share my thoughts on everyday life and how i cope with being a mamma-bear.

I love all things glitter, pastel, sweet and floral. If I’m not practising my makeup in front of a mirror or including reviews of my latest purchases on here, you’ll find me under my daughters thumb. When I was younger, I could never juggle…Now I’m juggling a baby, fifty something toys, a bag of wotsits, a bottle and all whilst jumping up and down, watching my little pony and singing every nursery rhyme I can think of. My life is less than perfect.

Why be an un-perfect mom on the internet? Well because as hectic as my life has become, I still love writing my life away and I absolutely love makeup, fashion and all things trending. So here’s my little home on the internet…I hope you enjoy.

NatalieCharmaine xx