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1000f followers 😭🤗😍

As if. What. Wait. Huh. I don’t understand. I’ve only gone and reached 1000 followers. I have so many emotions right now but I have to pretend I’m all okay because I’m currently sat in the break room in work. I’m not okay. This is amazing news and I’m so happy.  Thank you to everyone…… Continue reading 1000f followers 😭🤗😍

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Autumn ASOS wish list

Aloha Beauties,  I’m ashamed to say,  I’ve not posted a single thing in over a month. Well, I mean I did write that tiny little thankful note for my first blog birthday but that’s it. I’ve been trying to get into the swing of things but work has had me down in the gutters and…… Continue reading Autumn ASOS wish list

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It’s my Blogs 1st Birthday!!

Aloha Beauties, As if my blog has been up and running for a year. Of course it still isn’t professional and It isn’t high quality and I have not written a post In about 3 weeks because my heart hasn’t been in it, But hey. How often do you get to say it’s your blogs…… Continue reading It’s my Blogs 1st Birthday!!

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Full face of I wants

Aloha Beauties,  How are you all on this fine day? I did something remarkable yesterday. I went to work…without make up on. Are you shook? It was so hot that I couldn’t even bring myself to put on another layer on my face!! No thanks. You know what was even more remarkable? Nobody noticed anyway.…… Continue reading Full face of I wants

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Bad mom & proud. 

Aloha beauties,  It has recently come to light that a lot of people are determining what the correct way to mother a child should be. According to most I am a bad mom but you know what, I’m comfortable with this. From feeding, to bed time, to even the amount of love I give my…… Continue reading Bad mom & proud. 

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The Big no no’s when travel by air…

Aloha Beauties,  As I have been busy soaking up the sun in beautiful Majorca and as I couldn’t quite commit to taking any personal technological devices to a foreign land I have been offline for a few days…but I’m back now.  As I have not long come back from my holibobs you can probably guess…… Continue reading The Big no no’s when travel by air…

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A cheapskates guide to Travel – In the airport & onboard!! 

Aloha Beauties,  So I’ve been home from my holiday for 2 days and I have so many blog posts to write and put up.  I have no idea where I’m going to find the time so bare with me guys. Hopefully I’ll manage it.  Travelling to a different country can be expensive. When you think…… Continue reading A cheapskates guide to Travel – In the airport & onboard!!